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Contact Information

Daytime Phone: 613-526-7979
After Hours Emergency Phone: 613-526-7979 (Ext. 555)


Tamarack Developments Corporation
3187 Albion Road South
Ottawa ON
K1V 8Y3


Your Premove List is forwarded to Tamarack’s site office directly after the inspection for follow up action. If all of the items are not completed prior to your closing date, the site office will work with you to complete them after you move in. Depending on the season or the availability of materials and labour, it may not be possible to complete certain items until suitable weather conditions.


A representative will contact you soon after closing to schedule a 30-Day Inspection, which happens approximately thirty days after your closing date. This appointment will give you and our inspector the opportunity to discuss maintenance and warranty concerns related to your home.  He will review the concerns with you and determine whether they are covered under the home warranty. Warranted items are documented on the Tamarack 30-Day Form, which is mailed to you after the inspection.  This form is used to initiate the repairs, and is the same form our service staff and trades will work from. At the inspection you will also be given a repair date, based on the number of items requiring repair. Repair dates are scheduled a minimum of four weeks after the inspection.  

After the 30-Day Inspection, Tamarack will not inspect or process any more new items until your Year-End Inspection unless they are of an urgent nature. Please do not submit service requests to the site office at any time since they cannot be processed from that location.


Most often, the exterior of your home will be incomplete at occupancy. Depending on the season some items may not be completed until suitable weather conditions allow. Paint, curb, driveway and landscape crews generally begin work in late May. We expect that all exterior work will be complete by late July. We always attempt to schedule these works on a ‘first in’ basis, but there are occasions where an entire street will instead be done beginning at one end. If seasonal items require access to the house to repair, Tamarack will contact you for a repair date. If seasonal items do not require access to the house to repair, Tamarack will not contact you for a repair date.


If an urgent problem arises, that was not documented on your PDI list or 30 Day Form, please call your customer care representative, or visit our website and submit the item on line.


Approximately one month prior to your first year anniversary date, a representative from our service department will contact you as a reminder.  We suggest that, as you notice any repair items after the 30-Day Inspection, you prepare a list to bring these items to our attention prior to the end of your warranty period.  Our Builder’s One-Year Warranty, identifies the items covered under our one-year warranty service.


Tamarack Developments does not preschedule inspections after your Year-End service work. If an item comes up that is covered under the second year warranty, please submit your concern to Tamarack’s head office by fax, mail or through our web site before the second-year anniversary. Our Builder’s Two-Year Warranty, identifies the items covered under our two-year warranty service.


Tamarack provides an after hours emergency service. This service is available to deal with problems associated with water penetration, plumbing, heating, or electricity that prevent you from using your home or may cause major damage to the house. In the event of an emergency, call our Service Department at 613-526-7979 (ext 555), leave a message, and our pager will be alerted.